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John Folson, CPA, P.A. in Fort Lauderdale provides IRS tax help to businesses and individuals who owe the IRS money. Our Fort Lauderdale office provides IRS tax help for IRS tax problems such as IRS audit representation, un-filed Federal tax returns, back taxes owed, payroll tax issues, IRS liens, IRS levies, wage garnisment, seizures, offer-in-compromise, payment plan, and innocent spouse relief.

The IRS tax help for audit representation consists of being the primary contact with the IRS until your audit/examination is resolved.

IRS tax help for unfiled tax returns consists of obtaining your income and deductions if you do not have this information, working with you to ensure that your tax returns are accurate, and filed with the appropriate IRS location.

IRS tax help for liens consists of removing any liens that have been satisfied or in error.

IRS tax help for levies consists of negotiating a payment plan to prevent future levies.

IRS tax help for wage garnishment consists of taking various measures within a short period of time to release the garnishment.

IRS tax help for offer-in-compromise consists of preparing and submitting the offer and determining an appropriate settlement offer.

IRS tax help for payment plan consists of negotiating the lowest possible payment plan.

John Folson CPA provides IRS Tax Help that is effective and affordable, please call our office to speak to a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) about resolving your issues.

Our Fort Lauderdale CPAs are committed to helping you resolve your IRS tax problems.

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